Universities Registration for the Study in North Macedonia virtual student fair
The first dedicated international study fair of North Macedonian universities ever.
The Expo will take place on June 3-6, 2021. The detailed terms and conditions are outlined in the offer.

The international study fair of North Macedonian universities will take place at www.universityexpo.online including dedicated Expo pages of universities and live presentations of universities officials.

Join the Expo

Your university will be registered for the Expo upon the succesful payment of registration fee. Our team member will et in touch with you in order to discuss the details and arrange the university Expo landing page.
What will the unviersity get from the Expo?
Selection of regions
Education consultants and prospective students from all major source markets will be participating in the Expo.
High-quality leads
We send out leads database to all university participant after checking each lead accurately.
Individual approach
Every Expo landing page is designed by EEC team in accordance with actual requirements taking into account academic priorities and advantages of each university.
Financial feasibility
Taking part in online exhibitions is at least 5 times more beneficial than in traditional student fairs and exhibitions.
Transparent reports
Indications of coverage and involvement of target audience are confirmed with analytical reports of the Expo website and social media.
Marketing heritage
Each university gets a modern landing page that can be used in further activities.
Expo is organized by:
Education Export Center
National Agency for European Educational Programmes and Mobility of North Macedonia
Mobile phone: +7 (495) 152-4497
E-mail: info@eduexport.ru
Mobile phone: +389 75 402 923
E-mail: aleksandar.bogojevski@na.org.mk
Expo FAQ
How does the online exhibition work?
Each university gets aits Expo landing page and an opportunity to make a live presentation for prospective students from across the world. International team of EEC facilitates a sustainable traffic of prospective students to the Expo website and live participation of potential students both at physical venues (where available due to the sanitary conditions) and online.
How can a university participate in the Expo?
Get in touch with the EEC team, make a registration fee payment, and submit your information to us so that we could design your Expo landing page.
What should be provided by a university?
A university has to timely place its order, provide information about the university, and get ready for the Expo online exhibition.
What are the benefits for universities participating in the Expo online exhibitions?
The main benefit of participation on our online and traditional exhibitions is collection of database of inquiries from potential students. Education Export Center guarantees a minimum of 300 leads for each university. It is important to note that EEC team checks each lead on integrity and majors of interest.

During the online exhibition universities receive several types of leads:
  • Live inquiries from interested applicants online;
  • Daily update on all leads received.
Within 2–3 days upon completion of the online exhibition universities receive final database of all participants with COMPLETELY checked contact details.
Which is the best way to process leads?
Unlike conventional events where you can return home and get in touch with an applicant within a week, online events presume quick communications with prospective students. Never postpone your communications for tomorrow.

Also, do not forget that the youth do not use email much. You have to communicate with them through messengers and social media. The highest level of communications is video calls so never underestimate them and always invite prospective students for video calls.
Registration & Fee Payment
Please fill in the short application form below and proceed to the registration fee payment. As soon as we receive your payment, we will be in touch with you for further details on creation of your exclusive Expo webpage. Please note the application deadline is June 1, 2021.
NB: Please get in touch with us if you experience problems with the registration fee payment or if you have any special requirements to process the payment.
Step 1. Fill in the registration form
Full Name
Step 2. Make a registration fee payment
Step 3. Our team member will be in touch with you