Education Export Center is the leading operator of education exhibitions and presentation events for universities and academic institutions. Our concept is built around a hybrid application of online communication technologies, modern marketing concepts, professional broadcasting, and traditional formats of work with prospective students with global support from EEC global partner network. It is important to note that our events bring great return to universities with leads from potential students and significant marketing legacy. Education Export Center offers rewarding and flexible financial conditions for universities.

RED Expo Online Exhibitions

Roadshow EDucation (RED) Expo Online Exhibitions is the most comprehensive and targeted format of universities presentation. It combines opportunity for universities to present their academic potential and study opportunities at the RED Expo website and live interaction with individual students via messengers. In addition to online expo we organize hybrid presentation of universities. Education Export Center delivers online broadcasting on its website and its pages on social media as well as it organizes gathering of prospective students at respectable venues in different countries.

Target audience: individual prospective students.
Submit your application to take part in the RED Expo online exhibition
EEC specialist will get in touch with you to discuss details
The Education Export Center stores your data securely. We use the information provided to us solely for providing a feedback to colleagues, partners, experts, and university representatives. You can read more about the Center's privacy policy here.
Why participate in RED Expo online exhibitions?
Selection of regions
Packages of expos are available depending on the university's priorities. We have all major source markets on our events calendar.
High-quality leads
We send out leads database to all university participant after checking each lead.
Individual approach
Every web-booth is designed by EEC team in accordance with actual requirements taking into account academic priorities and advantages of each university.
Financial feasibility
Taking part in online exhibitions is at least 5 times more beneficial than in traditional student fairs and exhibitions.
Transparent reports
Indications of coverage and involvement of target audience are confirmed with analytical reports of the RED Expo website and social media.
Marketing heritage
A university gets its modern landing page and presentation that can be used in further activities.
Expo Calendar
How much does it cost?
Exhibition fees are flexible and depend on specific regions and number of selected events. Please inquire for more details.
How can a university participate in RED Expo?
Get in touch with EEC team, sign the contract on participation in RED Expo, and submit your information so that we could design your web-booth.
What should be provided by a university?
A university has to timely place its order, sign the contract on participation in RED Expo, provide information about the university, and get ready for the RED Expo online exhibition.
How does the RED Expo online exhibition work?
Each university gets a web-booth and an opportunity to make a live presentation for prospective students from specific regions. International team of EEC facilitates a stable traffic of prospective students to the RED Expo website and live participation of potential students both at physical venues and online.
What are the benefits for universities participating in the RED Expo online exhibitions?
The main benefit of participation on our online and traditional exhibitions is collection of database of inquiries from potential students. Education Export Center guarantees a minimum of 300 leads for each university. It is important to note that EEC team checks each lead on integrity and majors of interest.
During each online exhibition universities receive several types of leads:
  • Live inquiries from interested applicants online;
  • Daily update on all leads received.
Within 2–3 days upon completion of the online exhibition universities receive final database of all participants with COMPLETELY checked contact details.
Which is the best way to process leads?
Unlike conventional events where you can return home and get in touch with an applicant within a week, online events presume quick communications with prospective students. Never postpone your communications for tomorrow.

Also, do not forget that the youth do not use email much. You have to communicate with them through messengers and social media. The highest level of communications is video calls so never underestimate them and always invite prospective students for video calls.
All events
Education Export Center delivers a wide range of events where university can present their academic potential to prospective students and education consultants in order to increase their international student body.
Global Russian Education Day (Global RED) is an international online-platform for presentations of universities for the global community of education consultants and prospective students. Global RED events are built on the most up-to-date instruments of digital marketing, design, and TV broadcasting that allow for emotional and outstanding presentations of universities.
Education Export Center is able to organize targeted events for individual universities on request. We are open for cooperation with universities that strive for extraordinary international coverage, improve their presence in particular regions, and go beyond standard formats. Individual events are ideal fit for orientation sessions for education consultants. They allow universities to stand out of the crowd and increase their reputation among education consultants in order to build on their status and priority.
Eurasian Education Summit
This is a flagship event of Education Export Center that brings together hundreds representatives of universities, international student recruitment companies, experts, and professionals of international education. Eurasian Education Summit is a unique platform that includes speed-dating events for building of new business contacts as well as discussions and determination of new trends on the global market.
EEC Conference
This is a new format of EEC online events aimed at administrations of Russian and international universities. The platform provides a multilingual online system for exchanging presentations and views on the critical issues of a fast-changing international education market.
Education Export Club
The Club is a networking platform for professional dealing with international student recruitment. We organize regular face-to-face and online events dedicated to discussion on actual topics of international education and finding new perspectives. We discuss mainstream issues – digital internationalization and cooperation with education consultants – and specific topics – setting up overseas branches and franchising, as well as a lot of other matters.
RED Expo Online Exhibition
Comprehensive multiple-day format for universities presentations that includes both a mobile-friendly web-booth with relevant information materials and live presentation for online viewers and prospective students gathered by EEC and its international partners at venues across specific regions. EEC team will design all marketing materials for you. You will only need to deliver a great presentation about your university.
Next Events
RED Expo Online Exhibition
Date: March 9–11, 2021
Region: Latin America

Students from Latin America are valued for their determination in studies. We invite you Russian Education Day in Mexico and other countries of Latin America!
RED Expo Online Exhibition
Date: March 23–25, 2021
Region: Sub-Saharan Africa

Africa is the most attractive source market for Russian universities due to demographic reasons and geopolitical priorities of the Russian Federation. We invite you Russian Education Day in countries of Sub-Saharan Africa!