Services of Education Export Center

We bring new energy and new opportunities to academic sector through implementation of the best world practices and maximum engagement of leading experts in the field of international higher education.

Education Export Center focuses on international student recruitment and provides the leading platform for the exchange of experience and knowledge on international education. We maintain regular communications with dozens of universities around Europe and beyond and serve our academic partners as an important reference and expertise point.
Our main tasks are:
Building export capacity of universities
Raising awareness about particular national education markets as a top-priority study destination
Support universities in their international promotion
Support international education consultants working in different national markets
Development of breakthrough initiatives for international student recruitment
For Agents
Student recruitment companies and education consultants are an extremely important channel for attracting international students. Education Export Center assumes responsibility for facilitating the establishment of business relations between universities and only reliable international recruiters and educational consultants.
EEC invites international student recruiting companies to undergo certification in order to be able to provide competent advice to potential students of national universities.
Events for Agents
Education Export Center comprehensively promotes the development of business ties between education providers and the world's leading recruiters. We host online and offline business events on key topics.
Topic of Events:
Rules of work in the national education market
Acquaintance with the national education market for international student recruiters
Legal and financial issues of international student recruitment agreements
Scholarship opportunities
Services for Agents
Agents education
Education Export Center invites everyone to immerse themselves in the profession of an international education consultant. If you are a teacher or tutor, an active person and a professional who thinks about the future, then this offer is for you! By becoming an educational consultant, you will be able to provide yourself with a stable income, acquire new useful contacts and even travel the world.

The duration of the course is 1 month.

BONUS: Starter Pack — a set of presentation materials + a database of actual applications from your region!

Your applications are welcome at and WhatsApp +995 (51) 145-5156.
For Universities
Education Export Center is a think tank in international education that publishes annual report on leading national markets as priority regions for bringing in international students. We have developed a proprietary marketing research model that allows for a precise development for marketing strategies for particular universities and whole countries!

Also, we hold regular events for expert discussion of specialized issues, publish analytical reports on key student source countries, publish regular and specialized journals for the international academic community.
EEC Online Study Fairs
We understand that every academic partner has its own identity and unique features that we would love to learn and use them for future operations. Thus, we propose to start cooperation with our flagship comprehensive service, i.e. international online study fairs that EEC delivers in different parts of the world throughout the year.

Main advantage of this service is that you allow EEC professionals to demonstrate their skills in creation of landing pages, PDF presentations, presentation videos, search advertising, applications handling, CRM fundamentals, etc. In return, while interacting with us, the academic partner will have an opportunity to realize which spheres of its operations require tailor-made services of EEC.

Check out the complete events calendar for 2024 and choose suitable options for your university.
We have identified the following sectors that have great growth potential and therefore require special attention and should be carefully nurtured:
Small and Medium regional universities
Overseas branches
Private universities
Student housing and accommodation
Franchise collaborations
Specialists of international departments of universities
The issues of international student recruitment are within the competence of the top management level, as they directly affect the sustainability of the university's international service.

Education Export Center contributes do improvement of international recruiting administration in two main areas:
  • Optimization of existing processes;
  • Development of new channels of international student recruitment.

Click here to download the EEC's comprehensive marketing guide for universities.