Family Hospitality in Tbilisi (Georgia)
Homestay Program for International Students

The Better Way to Live
We are fully committed to providing unwavering support to students attending Georgian universities, regardless of their nationality or age, as they embark on a journey to find a genuine sense of belonging and a place they can wholeheartedly call home.

We invite education consultants who recruit students for Georgian universities to become partners of the program.
How it Works:
Learn more about International Homestay Program enrollment process
  • 1. Complete a student profile
  • 2. Receive a tailored selection of host families that align with your requirements
  • 3. Submit your medical certificates and a university reference letter
  • 4. Enter into a homestay contract with our company
  • 5. Pay a matching fee* and the homestay fee
    *The matching fee is non-refundable and applicable only to students yet to arrive in Georgia.
  • 6. Provide a refundable security deposit**
    **The security deposit equals your monthly homestay fee. Upon no reported damages by your host and no outstanding fees owed to EEC, the deposit is returned within 30 days after ceasing EEC services.
  • 7. Move to your new host family***
    ***Optional services like airport pick-up and moving assistance are available for an extra fee.
Eligible Students
This offer is only valid for students enrolled in accredited universities in Tbilisi. You are required to submit a reference letter from your institution in order to be allowed to reside at a host family.

As per the rules of our international "Family Hospitality" program, the top priority is given to exchange international students and medical students.

Homestay Options Available

Explore countless captivating homestay options today!
  • Private (shared) room in host family appartments

    Dive into the vibrant local culture and lifestyle, where your host family provides personalized attention and genuine hospitality tailored just for you.
  • Separate (shared) private room with amenities (or a small guest house) in a host family cottage

    Indulge in your private sanctuary while basking in the warm hospitality of our welcoming host families.
  • Private (shared) appartments

    Immerse yourself in authentic local living, while enjoying the freedom and flexibility to explore at your own pace
Why Choose a Host Family?
The international program "Family Hospitality" involves families who have confirmed their desire to become host families for international students at Tbilisi universities. They will do everything to make you feel at home in Georgia!
  • Enjoy a Private, Fully Furnished Room
    Each student will be provided with a furnished private room equipped with a bed, desk, wardrobe, chest of drawers, window, adequate heating, lighting, and internet access. Your home will be within a between 20 and 40 public transport commute from the university.
  • Appreciate a Supporting Environment and Focus on Studies
    As a dedicated student, your main focus is on academics, and having a supportive host family ensures a nurturing living environment.
  • Speed up Your Adaptation
    Residing with a host family significantly enhances your sense of security in Georgia.
  • Explore Georgian Culture and Traditions
    Your host family acts as your gateway to Georgian culture, traditions, social norms, cuisine, and language.
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