Local RED online exhibition of Russian universities was held in the countries of the Indian subcontinent
From January 25 to January 27, 2021, the Education Export Center, in cooperation with its national partner MAS (Multidimensional Aspirations for Students), with the support of the Embassy of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka in the Russian Federation and Eurasian Peoples' Assembly, held another presentation session of Russian universities RED Expo. As part of the event, 9 Russian higher educational institutions held presentations of educational programs for prospective applicants, student recruitment companies, and education consultants. The exhibitors were:
  1. Tomsk State University
  2. Ural Federal University
  3. Sechenov Moscow State Medical University
  4. Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University
  5. Novosibirsk State University
  6. Udmurt State University
  7. Pyatigorsk State University
  8. Syktyvkar State University
  9. Moscow Aviation Institute
Education Export Center together with the MAS (Multidimensional Aspirations for Students) company, in compliance with all sanitary and epidemiological standards, held the face-to-face part of the exhibition in the city of Negombo. Over 40 applicants with their parents had the opportunity to directly communicate with representatives of Russian higher educational institutions and address their questions on the air.
The guests of the face-to-face part of the event, who gathered in Negombo, were addressed by the Director of Education Export Center Dmitri Nersesyan and the First Secretary of the Sri Lanka Embassy in Moscow Niroshi K. Herat. As part of his welcoming speech, Dmitri Nersesyan emphasized the importance of the events that provide potential applicants with an excellent opportunity to consider proposals from Russian universities, get personal advice, and choose a specific educational program to study in Russia.
On behalf of the Embassy of Sri Lanka, I want to say that we fully welcome the ongoing efforts to develop partnerships in the field of education and culture between Russia and Sri Lanka. The educational ties between our two countries have a long tradition. Russian education has always been of high quality. Now it provides our students with a good opportunity to gain a demanded profession and valuable experience of integration into the international community. Therefore, I am very happy to see so many people in the hall and online
Niroshi K. Herat
First Secretary of the Embassy of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka in Moscow
Each of the universities participating in the Local RED exhibition on the Indian subcontinent had its own landing page, which allowed applicants who became its visitors to directly contact the university of interest and ask questions about the admission mechanism, academic requirements, documents required for admission, entrance tests and much more.
The conference recording is available on the Education Export Center Facebook page.