For the first time, Russia will create a unified register of international student recruitment companies
A unified register of certified foreign recruiting companies is an indispensable tool for increasing the number of foreign students in Russia.
Education Export Center and Glavexpertcenter have reached an agreement on the creation of a unified register of certified foreign recruiting companies and educational consultants which will allow Russian universities to establish business relations only with responsible agents for the recruitment of international students.
Igor Filatov, Director of Glavexpertcenter, noted that one of the fundamental trends in the development of the world education market is the ever-increasing role of agents, that due to the socio-cultural characteristics of a particular region of the planet receive from 65% to 90% initial applications for studying abroad.
According to our estimates, there are thousands of student recruitment companies in the world, but not all of them are fully capable of maintaining a high level of service delivery. We cannot ignore this situation and have to provide Russian universities with the opportunity to build working relationships only with those agents who work transparently and are ready to disclose the necessary information.
Igor Filatov
Director of Glavexpertcenter
Vera Skorobogatova, a leading analyst at Glavexpertcenter, believes that providing the necessary information for maintaining the register is also in the interests of education consultants themselves.
The point is that bona fide agents suffer the consequences caused by the actions of irresponsible and unprofessional players. Taking into account the world experience, we set certain standards of work in the Russian education market.
Vera Skorobogatova
Leading analyst of Glavexpertcenter
According to the Director of Education Export Center Dmitri Nersesyan, the main task is to demonstrate to foreign student recruitment companies a high level of education in Russian universities, hospitality and friendliness and career opportunities available to international students and graduates.
Working in the global education market, we must constantly take into account that, with all the advantages, our universities will always be compared with universities from other countries. Our goal is to maintain a high level of awareness of foreign student recruiters about the opportunities offered by the Russian education system, so that they, in turn, could provide competent advice to potential students.
Dmitry Nersesyan
Director of the Education Export Center