The 2nd issue of Education Export Magazine from the Education Export Center is out today
The admission campaign has just finished but the first lessons already learnt — the paradigm of marketing activities and admission board functioning has revolutionary changed. Face-to-face events are conducted by inertia and the efficiency of traditional networking gatherings is yet to be proved. Meanwhile, it all depends on the enthusiasm of participants who have not met for ages!
The world around us makes international education professionals to use new and improve their proven marketing tools as well as continuously update their knowledge about main regions for student recruitment. This is why we decided to publish the second issue as a double magazine so that it accommodated more knowledge on effective marketing and international student recruitment destinations.
We start with columns of our key contributors: Sergey Krasnyansky explains why prospective students approach for the help of recruitment companies, Bernice Camilleri shares her experience on choosing a CRM system for educational institution, and Eugeny Sagaydak sums up the results of the international admission campaign 2020 at Novosibirsk State University.
The editorial discusses the use of new marketing channels and systems of their performance management which is especially important in relation to planning and implementation of the 2021 admission campaign.
The next section is dedicated to articles about countries and regions that attract international student recruiters. The Education Export Center partners from Mexico and Latin America as well as Sri Lanka and Nepal present their views on the actual conditions of local markets and opportunities for Russian universities to recruit students.
Then we tell about interesting opportunities that the main university of the Republic of Komi (Russian Federation) offer to international students and learn the success story of Dr. Khalim Khanna, the founder and long-time director of the leading Russian student recruitment company — Simatex.
In a very engaging section of the Magazine — Charts and Reviews — we present you our own content. Traditionally, we start with the updated Register of Certified Agents. And then we move on to the infographics reflecting different aspects of Russian education export presented in cooperation with the legendary professional, Alexander Arefyev. We complete the section with our brand-new Global Ranking of Efficient Domination report which is our effort to measure the real value and efficiency of soft power of the world's superpowers.
As always, the issue is finalized with news digest and announcements from Education Export Center.
We wish you to have an interesting time reading Education Export Magazine!