10 Russian universities took part in the 3rd session of the Global Russian Education Day
On October 21, 2020, the 3rd session of the presentations of Russian universities – Global RED – took place. It marked the beginning of the exhibition and presentation season in the new academic year.
Russian universities, taking a breath after the amazing 2020 admissions campaign, are back to work with renewed vigor to win dominant positions in the global education market. The consequences of the pandemic, expressed in the disruption of international logistics and a decrease in trust between countries, gives Russia a chance to significantly improve its position. Education Export Center is always ready to provide the necessary assistance to those universities that share this opinion with us.
The October session of Global RED brought together the following ambitious universities:
  • Novosibirsk State University
  • North-Eastern Federal University
  • Moscow Polytechnic University
  • Pskov State University
  • Tyumen Industrial University
  • Surikov Moscow State Academic Art Institute
  • Privolzhsky Research Medical University
  • Bashkir State University
  • Sevastopol State University
  • Tomsk University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics — TUSUR
We are very pleased to launch the marketing campaign for Russian education for the 2020/21 academic year on a positive note. It is incredibly honorable for us to see such a guest as Prakash Pandey at Global RED, who by his personal example shows his colleagues from Nepal the need to get closer to Russian universities. The world knows the high average level of training of Nepalese applicants, so we also recommend that public educators establish business relationships with recruiters from Nepal, relying on the Certified Agents Registry from Education Export Center.

This time we have significantly increased the quality of the event, involving a professional television studio and a professional broadcasting team. We also presented a new corporate identity for Global RED, which will be used for presentations at next sessions. One of the reasons that prompted us to take this step is the widespread use of smartphones when watching the Global RED broadcasting – more than 80% of all viewers used mobile gadgets. In this regard, new presentations will be made in a more contrasting format with large fonts and images. Looking forward to seeing you at the next Global RED session in 2021!
Dmitri Nersesyan
Director of Education Export Center
The main partner in organizing this session of Global RED was the Educational Consultants Association of Nepal (ECAN). The uniqueness of ECAN on a global scale lies in the fact that the number of such organizations that act simultaneously as a self-governed organization and as an association of professionals can be counted on one hand. The session participants were welcomed by the President of ECAN Mr. Prakash Pandey, who noted the enormous potential of academic cooperation between Nepal and Russia, taking into account long-standing traditions, and invited Russian universities to actively develop relations with consultants from Nepal.
I pay tribute to Education Export Center for organizing this Global RED session and welcome all participating universities on behalf of the Nepal professional education advisory community! Russian education takes one of the first places in the world in terms of quality. Thousands of graduates of Russian universities live and work in our country. Our organization – ECAN – will strive to increase the volume of cooperation with Russian universities in order to properly meet the growing demand for Russian education among young people in Nepal.
Prakash Pandey
President of the Nepal Educational Consultants Association ECAN
It is quite predictable that due to the presence of such a partner, more than half of the participants in the October Global RED session were consultants and applicants from Nepal, and besides them, participants from India, Pakistan, Nigeria and Ghana (in total — 20 countries) were active.
Distribution of participants in the Global RED broadcast by country
Among the foreign participants of the Global Day of Russian Education, the main positions were taken by representatives of the following countries (excluding representatives from Russia): Nepal — 57%, India — 13%, Pakistan — 7%, Nigeria — 6%, Ghana — 6%.
Countries participating in the third session of Global RED
Full list of countries whose representatives have become participants in the Global Day of Russian Education: Australia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Ghana, Egypt, India, Ireland, Iran, Canada, Morocco, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Rwanda, Senegal Ukraine, Uganda, Czech Republic, Sri Lanka.
Upon completion of the event, Education Export Center and its regional partners provided a full range of effective measures aimed at participants submitting applications for study at Russian universities in accordance with their choice.