The 1st issue of the industry magazine Education Export Magazine has been released
The pandemic period made us reconsider the ways we used to work in the global education market — from marketing and recruitment issues to actual delivery of classes.
The September, 2020 issue of Education Export Magazine starts with columns of our keynote contributors who wil share their views on the main factors related to getting back to business. Bernice Camilleri talks about hints and tips of working in post-COVID-19 conditions. Sergey Krasnyansky discusses the role of education consultants in obtaining sound results for universities at very reasonable conditions. Mikhail Lazarenko explores opportunities that are arising on the global education market due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
In his op-ed the Chief editor discusses fundamental problem of lack of trust in universities and education consultants' relations.
The Charts and Review section contains very engaging materials. We start here with an updated register of EEC-certified education consultants. Also, we announce the new EEC register exploring accommodation options for international students in Russia. Its first edition covers Moscow as we continue expansion to other cities.
You are going to meet a unique regional project — Study Volga — that is aimed at increasing marketing potential of universities located in the Nizhny Novgorod region. The article is presented by Irina Tsareva.
We will learn about the efforts the Education Consultants Association of Nepal (ECAN) is making in order to turn things around in terms of promoting international education. Nepal is a very important country for the global education industry and is considered by many experts as an indicator of global market sentiment.
And we finalize the issue with EEC recent key activities digest and announcements.
We hope you do enjoy reading the Education Export Magazine!