Education Export Center launches its own industry publication — Education Export Magazine
The beginning of this academic year was long-awaited for every representative of the education industry. Somewhere on the level of sensations, September 1 marks a borderline that allows us to leave all the bad things in the last academic year and rejoice together that the new academic year has finally begun.
In the honor of our academic New Year, Education Export Center is pleased to announce that the management of the Center has made a decision to publish a regular magazine on education export and main events in the field of international education. According to the idea, it will be a bilingual — English-Russian — magazine that will become an international platform for the exchange of views among Russian and international professionals and experts.
The magazine will be distributed free of charge among all Russian and foreign universities, as well as among the international community of student recruitment companies and government officials. The first issue is planned for publication in October 2020.
The specifics of 2020 made it necessary to develop new, non-standard formats for expert communication. We found the initiative to attract the most authoritative Russian and foreign experts in the field of international education to the pages of the publication, where they could thoroughly share their thoughts on the current state and prospects of the industry development, seemed interesting to us. We count on the support of the professional community and invite everyone who has something to tell to colleagues to post materials in Education Export Magazine. We provide professional translation from English into Russian and vice versa, so that this does not become an obstacle for communication.
Dmitry Nersesyan
Director of the Education Export Center