Education Export Center reveals secrets of recruiting students in Latin America
On a hot June evening, the professional community of academic international affairs gathered for a regular meeting of the Education Exporters Club. The topic of the meeting was aspects of student recruiting in Latin America.
Laura Aguirre, National Partner of Education Export Center in Mexico, prepared an interesting presentation on the specifics of main student source countries: Mexico, Colombia, Chile, and Brazil.
Laura, being a certified agent for the national registries of Great Britain and Australia, as well as a number of international organizations, shared with the participants of the webinar from universities in Russia and Belarus really useful information about the how students recruitment is organized in Latin America.
Despite the significant difference in time zones and our remoteness from each other, it was comfortable for me to communicate with colleagues from Russia.
Hispanics share many common elements of culture and tradition, but there are important differences to consider when working. And for all of us, Russia — such a vast and distant country — is of great interest.
Laura Aguirre
National Partner of the Latin America Education Export Center, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Inspire Now Education Consultancy