The second meeting of the Education Exporters Club brought together over 40 representatives of Russian universities
Education Export Center organized and held the second meeting of Education Exporters Club on February 27, 2020, which brought together more than 40 representatives of Russian universities from various cities. The discussion was moderated by Dmitri Nersesyan, Director of Education Export Center. The meeting was devoted to the issues of cooperation between Russian universities and recruiting companies.
Key speakers were:
  • Vera Skorobogatova — Leading Analyst, Glavexpertcenter;
  • Sergey Krasnyansky — ICEF, Director for the CIS Region;
  • Nikita Strelchuk — Director for Academic Relations, Education Export Center.
The potential of student recruitment companies has to be deployed in order to achieve the goals of the federal project "Export of Education". The significant role of this channel in attracting international students is evidenced by the huge volume of statistical data provided by the leaders of the international education market. The initiative of Education Export Center for certification of foreign student recruitment companies can have a positive effect by strengthening the trust between the parties.
Vera Skorobogatova
Leading analyst of Glavexpertcenter