The 12th meeting of Education Exporters Club was held
On February 25, Education Export Center organized and held the 12th meeting of Club, which is an instrument of direct action to increase the export of higher education. The main topic of the webinar was "Recruitment of international students with limited resources." The discussion was moderated by the Director of the Center, Dmitri Nersesyan, who shared his experience of cooperation with educational consultants. The size of agency commissions became a separate issue for discussion. The permanent speaker of the Club — Sergey Krasnyansky (ICEF) — took part in the discussion.
One of the significant issues of the meeting was highlighted by the EEC Director for Academic Relations Nikita Strelchuk. In his speech, he gave recommendations and described specific actions that can help universities in international student recruitment in 2021.
We all know that the main thing in attracting clients is not just collecting a large volume of applications, but also professionally and timely process them. We need to use modern tools to improve the quality of work with applicants that can also be used by universities.
Nikita Strelchuk
Director of Academic Relations, Education Export Center