Dmitri Nersesyan: Hybrid Learning will save the International Education
On March 26, the next online seminar of Skyeng, Russian online English language school, was held. The topic of the last meeting was devoted to the latest trends in the field of online learning, in particular, in the United States, India and Russia. Dmitri Sergeyevich Nersesyan, General Director of the EEC, delivered a speech at the seminar.
Now when the risk of international travel bans is going to remain with us for a long period of time, if not forever, universities should consider building academic alliances and partnerships. You used to do it before in order to raise the value of your credentials, but now it's time to save international education as an industry. I invite you to seriously consider designing joint programs with universities from student source countries. You can just imagine how easy it will be for you to work with students from specific countries when the students or potential students know that they will have their regular classes at local universities if they are not able to travel, but they will get the classes according to your curriculum. We've come to the hybrid, or blended learning which is the most efficient nowadays. So still there will be worries about future career prospects but, using this model, you will secure a greater quality of studies, involving students into blended learning and giving them opportunity to develop their practical skills.
Dmitri Nersesyan
Director of the Education Export Center
The meeting was also attended by representatives from various foreign universities:
  • Olga Mesropova, Associate Professor of Russian at the University of Iowa;
  • Evangeline Priscilla, Doctor of Philology, Vellore Institute of Technology;
  • Tatyana Makarenko, Doctor of Economics, Rostov State University of Economics;
  • Natalia Gunina, Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages, Tambov State University.
The participants of the seminar discussed issues related to the organization of the educational process in an online format.
At the end of the meeting, Alexey Konobeiev, Academic director of the Skyeng school, expressed hope for fruitful work within the framework of a series of meetings.
Today's panel was dedicated to discussing trends, and we wanted to show you that there can be different approaches, different models of using technology in the classroom so that you would be able to think for yourselves and to decide which model works better for you. […] We hope that this will give us a chance to learn more and to make up our minds, to facilitate our own choices.
Alexey Konobeiev
Academic director of the Skyeng school