How to get ready for the "new normal"
We're all anticipating getting back to normal. But what will the new normal be like? Will it be like the old normal? At Schools & Agents, we think not.
Our industry has suffered a huge blow. Some of us have made it so far; others didn't. But even if
we have survived until now, the coming months are crucial for our businesses to get back on their feet and start again from (almost) the very beginning!
It is for this specific reason that we have decided to equip you with some tips and tricks on what to take into consideration when planning for the "new normal."
Bernice Camilleri
CEO, Schools & Agents, Malta
Assess the financial damage done
The starting point after a tragic situation is always damage control. This not only helps put things into perspective, but it also helps with rebuilding your Marketing Strategy.
For example, if you've had to cut down on your Marketing fund, now's the time to add numbers up and to see how you can align your budget with your needs.

Consider whether you'll need funding to recover
Many countries are offering or will be offering businesses funding or some form of financial aid to help them get back on their feet post-pandemic.
Ensure that you are in touch with the right organisations that can guide you as to whether you qualify for funding.

Develop a timeline for rebuilding
There is nothing more efficient and effective than a solid plan. You might have had one before all this happened, and you might have to throw your original plan out of the window once Covid19 hit.
However, this does not mean that now you don't need one. You actually need a solid plan more than ever.

Adopt a proactive approach
Smart companies will adopt a proactive approach to understand what changes will occur once we settle into the "new normal" and be ready to adjust their products, services and strategies quickly to meet current and future customer needs.
Bernice Camilleri, CEO, Schools & Agents, Malta. Bernice Camilleri has been in the Education Travel industry for over 18 years, having experienced it from all angles but having specialized in the Academic and Marketing sides of it. Schools & Agents (established since 2008) helps Education Providers, Agents and Service Providers in the field of International Education to connect with each other and disseminate content about their organizations through S&A's platform and network. Thanks to S&A's effective Marketing Strategy and strong global connections, industry players are guaranteed to get more visibility digitally and internationally.