Building trust between Russian universities and agents
Russia is increasingly becoming a very popular study destination among international students. There are so many unbeatable advantages that Russia a clear market favorite for years to come. Russia is famous for its world-class education and rich academic and scientific traditions. But it is not so widely known that Russia offers really affordable and accessible education.

Education Export Center is a Russian not-for-profit organization that deals with Russian universities and international education consultants in order to increase the number of international students who are happy with their study experience in Russia. We build the capacity of Russian universities to support and serve the needs of international students, and we constantly increase awareness of international education consultants on opportunities of studying in Russia.

When you think about studying overseas you always need a reliable source of information about the selected study destination. You want to know every detail about study options, fees, accommodation conditions, culture, life style, and many more. You can spend months browsing through dozens of websites, visiting different education consultants, talking to peers studying in that country.
We at Education Export Center understand how important it is for international students that their expectations meet the reality. Especially now when the world is going through many critical changes that have happened due to Covid-19 and the unpredictable future global economic downturns as well as the limitations of opportunities, especially in popular study destinations.
Dmitri Nersesyan
Director, Education Export Center
Education Export Center has introduced its certification system to help international education consultants working with Russian universities to achieve better results and build on their market reputation by providing only accurate information to candidates and helping them build their study and career pathways in Russia. The list of certified consultants is updated every month and is available at

There are great efforts standing behind the EEC Certification as education consultants have to undergo a dedicated training delivered in a partnership with leading Russian universities. They also have to take part in regular information sessions delivered by Education Export Center. And the certification is reviewed annually taking into account different factors including peer feedback from universities.

The highest level of certification is the EEC National Partner. This status means that the consultancy has demonstrated the highest level of market knowledge and has dedicated significant resources to the promotion of Russian education. They serve as National Centers of Excellence and Expertise on studying in Russia and it is expected that they will share it with other education consultants in their markets.

Education Export Center also supports several Russian universities' activities, helping them get better exposure on the global market and continuously improving their services for international students.
Russian universities have been a popular choice for international youths. There are around 300,000 international students pursuing degree programs in Russia. But there are clear signs that demand is growing now, and this number can significantly increase in coming years.
Dmitri Nersesyan
Director, Education Export Center
Global Russian Education Day (Global RED)
Global RED is an online real-time platform that brings together dozens of Russian universities, hundreds of international education consultants, and thousands of individual students from all over the world. This is a prominent opportunity for Russian universities to make presentations to their target audience. Global RED sessions take place 5–6 times every year.

Education Export Club
Education Export Club is an international platform for networking and sharing views for professionals working in the field of international student recruitment. Under Education Export Club we organize regular events both for formal and informal interaction to work out solutions to current issues and discover new perspectives arising from a synergetic approach. Access to all events is restricted and available only for its members or by invitations.