Nepal is a mature market for international students
The study abroad industry is constantly increasing industry and expected to be a 1.5 Trillion USD Industry in 2025. Nepal has a very small economy of 21 Billion USD with having 104th Place in global ranking in terms of GDP is playing an immense role in the global Education Industry in student mobility. Based on the performance of Nepalese students and agents from the last two decades, now we can call Nepal a mature market rather than an emerging source market.

Nepal is a birthplace of Buddha, land of Mount Everest, place of Gurkha, and a place that was never the slave of any dynasty is going global by sending its youth all over the world for gaining global education and skills.

International student mobility has the potential to increase educational opportunities for students in the developing world, as a developing nation most of our students are also interested in abroad study from the last few years, and Nepal is becoming one of the largest exporters of students in different education destinations. Nepalese students are taking advantage of those markets from the last two decades.

Top education destinations like the USA, the UK, Australia, Canada, Japan, India, and China have a large number of Nepalese students. In Australia Nepal is constantly in the top three countries to send its students after India and China from the last few years. Same way we have a large number of Nepalese students in the UK and the USA. Japan is also one of the favorite education destinations for Nepalese students so we are also among the top 4 students exporters for Japan. Nepalese students have a great presence all over the world.

Geographically we are between the two largest economies of the world, China and India. So studying in India and China is always a favorite place for Nepalese students.

In all education destinations Nepalese students are really doing well. They have placed themselves as a valuable part of the society all over the world, which is a major reason for the loving of Nepalese students around the globe. Nepalese students have excellent command in the English language, good academics, culture-adoptable mindset, respecting the law of the country of residence, respecting the culture/social/religious/ethical values in the country of residence are major factors for setting Nepal as the best source country for students.

In Nepal, there are also large numbers of education consultants supporting Nepalese students' dreams for further studies. More than 1,000 certified education consultants from the Ministry of Education have proper offices in Nepal with certified training and continued professional development training. Most of them are certified and trained from ICEF, PIER, and other globally recognized certification. 90% of these professionals are young entrepreneurs.
There are also several of local associations that are organizing, developing the skills of education consultants and ECAN (Education Consultant Association of Nepal) is pioneer education consultant association of Nepal with more than 450 members in all over the country. In total, ECAN members hold the 70% of the national education consulting industry. ECAN is always playing a leading role in policy making from drafting relevant acts for monitoring education consultants from the government to its regular update and implementation. And ECAN always stands for the well-being of its members by developing professional and required set of skills for business. ECAN has a noteworthy tie-up with EEC for the benefit of both organizations. I would like to welcome you all to the Nepal Market.
Bikalp Raj Pokhrel
CEO, Wide Range International
Author: Bikalp Raj Pokhrel, CEO, Wide Range International.