Why work with trusted partners?
When it comes to Marketing, word of mouth is indeed a very powerful tool. However, if one had to rely solely on that, filling up desks and classrooms would become more challenging than it already is. Convincing a potential students to choose one university over another takes a lot of time, research and knowledge of other possible options. At Schools & Agents, we always recommend working with trusted partners and qualified agents. Here are some reasons why:

1. Trusted Agents know the market
Knowing the market and the industry makes a big difference when selling educational courses. Agents who are qualified and experienced do not just know about your school. They haven't just had an experience at your university (unlike ex-students, for example). This is an advantage because this kind of knowledge enables them to send the right kinds of students to you.

2. Trusted Agents can sell your school better
When an agent is experienced in the field, they are in a position to sell your school or university better because they know what questions to ask in order to be prepared for anything that poten- tial students might ask them. On top of that, experienced agents would have, very likely, visited your campus as well as that of your competitors, and would be in a position to compare and contrast better, helping them to promote your courses more effectively.

3. Trusted Agents know your unique selling points
Every school and university should be able to distinguish its unique selling point; in other words, what makes them different from their competitors. A good and trusted partner agent would know what these unique selling points are and would be able to sell your education institution much better to potential students and clients.

4. Trusted Agents know the application process well
Another big advantage when working with qualified and trusted partner agents is the visa application process. It is all well and good to work with someone you know as an ex-student or a friend based in a specific target country, however, when these people do not come from the international education industry they sometimes find it difficult to know which are the right avenues to go through in order to apply for a visa successfully.

Apart from the visa, a trusted agent would also know a school's application process well because they would have done it multiple times and would be able to help potential students better.

5. Trusted Agents understand the customer journey and can walk potential students through the whole process
The bottom line is that when one works with trusted, qualified and reputable agents, the student's customer journey is a more pleasant one. When the customer journey is pleasant, the student is happy and, we all know that when a student is happy, we are all happy too!
Bernice Camilleri, CEO, Schools & Agents, Malta. Bernice Camilleri has been in the Education Travel industry for over 18 years, having experienced it from all angles but having specialized in the Academic and Marketing sides of it. Schools & Agents (established since 2008) helps Education Providers, Agents and Service Providers in the field of International Education to connect with each other and disseminate content about their organizations through S&A's platform and network. Thanks to S&A's effective Marketing Strategy and strong global connections, industry players are guaranteed to get more visibility digitally and internationally.