Education Export Magazine, Issue #5 was released in the end of July. The main topic is a new way of old tradition created by digital technologies.
We are lucky to live in this age of change, since our reactions to change allow us to be the creators of our future, to devel- op new images and patterns. And since modern changes are global in nature, today we are creating new lifestyle, new tra- ditions that are closely tied to digital technologies. Now it is time to talk about a Big Digital Takeover, the idea of which is reflected in the materials of this issue.

As always, we begin with regular columnists. Sergey Krasn- yansky (ICEF) will share his observations on the opportu- nities that online events offer to universities, and Bernice Camilleri (Schools & Agents) will share her personal ex- perience of participating in these events. Larisa Taradina (RANEPA) will raise the question of the university ratings in the context of the growing massive involvement of high- er education.

Dmitri Nersesyan (Education Export Center) in the Editori- al sector analyzes the prospects of online exhibitions and university presentations in terms of their inclusion in the in- ternational marketing strategies of universities on a perma- nent basis. Dmitri evaluates them as a much more effective tool for recruiting foreign students, compared to traditional exhibitions.

Anicet Gabriel Kotchofa (INCORVUZ-XXI) opens the extensive Russian agenda of this issue with an analysis of the current state of Russian education export in today's conditions of the pandemic.
The international agenda of the issue is represented by materials from diametrically opposite geographical locations and topics. Aleksandar Bogojevski (National Agency for European Educational Programs and Academic Mobility, North Macedonia) will tell about participation of 10 North Macedonian universities in the digital educational exhibition RED Expo, organized by the EEC. Azizullah Arral (Cultural Center of the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan) will tell about the current role of education and culture in the development of public life in Afghanistan.

In the "Featured University" section we present interviews with the rectors of two leading Russian universities at once — N. N. Karyakin (Privolzhsky Research Medical Univer- sity) and I. K. Shevchenko (Southern Federal University) — who will share with readers their views about of the current state and prospects for the university development in terms of improving global competitiveness.

For the second issue in a row, on the pages of the "Education Exporters Club" section, we try to comprehensively analyze the development of the export potential of a university in terms of the mighty trinity of marketing – Promotion, Administration, Design. Olga Bakumenko (HSE) and representatives of the Education Export Center, Nikita Strelchuk and Mikhail Lazarenko, will share their experience and knowledge about university marketing in the digital space. In addition, the expert of the EEC in the field of HR Yulia Maltseva will tell how to increase staff motivation.

The issue is completed with the regular columns: Certified Hostel Register, updated Global Ranking of effective dominance, Global Domination Ranking by Regions.

We wish all our colleagues a successful recruitment campaign in 2021!