The Education Export Center and the National Agency for European Educational Programs and Academic Mobility of North Macedonia held the first joint virtual exhibition of universities
The one of basic principle of benefits of collaboration between Higher Education Institutions, Agencies, etc. is to achieve goals that cannot be achieved alone. In fact, one definition of collaboration characterizes the process as "an effective interpersonal process that facilitates the achievement of goals that cannot be reached when individual professionals act on their own."

Importance of internationalization in the field of Higher Education is growing rapidly, with unhindered communication channels and participation at Study Fairs all around the globe (Virtual Study Fairs and Study Fairs with physical presence). Universities across the world including Macedonian Higher Education Institutions already participating at internationalization in Higher Education and aiming international dimension in their study programmes.

A popular saying once has been told, "what's good for the students is good for the university". The number of students choosing to study internationally is constantly increasing and, for this reason, it is only logical that universities would want to increase internationalization and attract applicants from across the globe.

In this line for the period of 2021–2027 National Agency has put accent and emphasis on promotion of Macedonian Higher Education Institutions, their study programs, possibilities for foreign students and uniqueness of studying in North Macedonia at global level. For the first time representatives from 10 Universities (Higher Education Institutions) from North Macedonia had unique opportunity to attend the virtual study fair that was organized by Education Export Center — RED EXPO.

National Agency for European Educational Programs and Mobility, as a coordinator for project Study in Europe/Study in North Macedonia, supported participants at RED EXPO Study Fair, as well as colleagues from Education Export Center in the creation of this higher education fair.

Representatives from National Agency are already experienced at attending at several Study Fairs that were organized by DAAD Germany, Campus France and UNICA. This experience of representatives from National Agency consists of visiting education fairs in several regions/countries in the world such as India, Russia, Peru and Ukraine.

Higher Education Virtual Fair Russia/Moscow that was created and developed by Education Export Center was a real opportunity for Macedonian universities to promote their curricula, to present the country, study opportunities, tuition fees in front of a wider audience, namely in front of representatives from Asia, Africa and Eastern European Partnership countries.
Aleksandar Bogojevski
National coordinator of Erasmus+ and Study in Europe project for higher education issues in European Commission
Two components were crucial in relation to the promotion of Higher Education Institutions in N. Macedonia, as follows:

  • Online promotion in front of a wider audience of more than 400 participants;
  • Online meetings/virtual meetings with all stakeholders for studying at Macedonian higher education institutionsMacedonian higher education institutions used the opportunity for promotion and presented the main reasons for studyingin N. Macedonia such as:
  • Low Cost of living
  • Average amount of Study per academic year 2.000 euro; get value for money
  • Attractive Erasmus+ programme Study abroad
  • More than 1.000 bilateral agreements with HEIs from EU
  • Double degree, 650/750 euro for student mobility/traineeship
  • Study in English or another leading global business language
  • Excellent geographical location

Collaboration between Macedonian Higher Education Institutions, National Agency and Education Export Center will proceed in future, aiming on internationalization in higher education and promotion of higher educational institutions from North Macedonia and Western Balkan countries.

Aleksandar Bogojevski is the National coordinator of Erasmus+ and Study in Europe project for higher education issues in European Commission. National Agency for European educational programs and academic mobility, North Macedonia.