PRMU told about the Department of International Cooperation and the Faculty of International Medical Education
I would like to recall a brief history of the department, which has made a significant contribution to the training of highly qualified foreign specialists in the field of medicine, education and science, and formed a positive image of our university and the country abroad over the 30 years of the Faculty's existence.

FIME is one of the oldest structural divisions of the University, the first 10 foreign students from India and Syria came to study here back in December 1991. As an independent fullfledged Faculty, the division was finally formed in 1992, and Professor Strongin was appointed the first dean. His deputy was M.M. Khilov. Since 2007, the duties of the dean were performed by Professor Erlykina. In order to study the potential market of educational services, the Department of International Marketing was established in the same year, headed by Associate Professor Zagainov. Since 2018, the Dean of the FIME is I.G. Stelnikova.

In comparison to the Department of International Marketing, the IAD is a new structure that has become a response to the dynamic demands of the time in the obvious need to expand international cooperation.

A modern world-class university is impossible without intensive international cooperation and integration into the global educational and research space. Therefore, the development of bilateral and multilateral international relations, educational and scientific projects is one of the priorities of PRMU. The Department of International Cooperation coordinates the complex of international relations of the University.

Education at the University can be obtained in a foreign (English) language in accordance with the educational programs in the specializations like Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmacy.

About 200 University teachers are involved in providing English-language programs-they conduct practical classes, individual consultations, take exams and tests from foreign students. 25% of the teachers of PRMU speak English. 1502 foreign citizens from 67 countries of the near and far abroad study at PRMU under the programs of specialty, master's, residency and postgraduate studies. 269 foreign students are trained in accordance with the agreements on the network form of implementation of educational programs in the following specialties: Medical science, Dentistry, Pediatrics, Pharmacy under the "Double diploma" program.

43 teachers and 287 students were engaged in using distance learning technologies in joint programs with universities of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

University staff regularly travel abroad with reports and lectures, for internships. The geography of trips covers such countries as Germany, Estonia, Austria, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and others.

Within the framework of a multi-year cooperation agreement with the University Clinics of Essen and Bottrop (Germany), students and employees of PRMU regularly train in Germany, and the University hosts students (annually in the number of 40-45 people). Also in 2020, online conferences on the treatment of Covid-19 were held, and in 2021 it is planned to continue work in this direction.

Employees and students of PRMU participated as members of the organizing committee, members of the jury and participants with reports and presentations in international online Olympiads, scientific and practical conferences together with educational organizations — partners of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Specialists of the International Cooperation Department of PRMU take an active part in international online exhibitions to attract foreign applicants – presentation and answers to questions in English.

According to the results of the independent SCImago Institutional Ranking, PRMU is ranked 17th among educational organizations, 4th in innovation in the Russian Federation, and 726th in the world. According to the SCImago Journal rating data. The ranking magazine published by the university is included in Q1.

In addition, according to the results published in April 2021,PRMU entered the international rating of THE Impact Ranking 1001+.

On the Russian version of the PRMU website, you can findthe section "International Activities", which contains information about academic mobility programs and agreements concluded. English version of the university's website is also available and is constantly being updated, and the landing page of the website in Arabic is also being developed.

The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation participated in the competition for the best scientific projects aimed at solving problems related to the global COVID-19 pandemic in order to implement the main event "Ensuring the implementation of the basic scientific research program" of the state program of the Russian Federation "Scientific and Technological Development of the Russian Federation", held by organizations participating in the BRICS Framework Program in the Field of Science, Technology and Innovation. Participation in the competition was carried out by submitting an international application in electronic form on the website of the Competition Secretariat and simultaneously submitting national applications to the relevant organizations participating in the BRICS Framework Program. PRMU participates in the project "Development of multi-scale models for predicting the spread of COVID-19".

The vast experience of working with foreign students allows us to provide them with the most comfortable stay and training in PRMU. We maintain close ties with our graduates, who are happy to fulfill the mission of the Russian Federation and the PRMU ambassadors in their countries.

Our university is always open to new applicants and partners. Nizhny Novgorod is famous not only for its picturesque location, convenient infrastructure, hospitality, 800-year history, but also for the high-quality education provided by local universities.

We are waiting for you in PRMU!