Education export center and North Caucasus federal university signed a bilateral cooperation agreement
"To date, we have successfully worked together on a difficult admission campaign in 2021. NCFU programs are very attractive for international students — affordable tuition, high quality, and undoubted advantages of the region where the university is located play a role here. We have discovered a high interest of foreign students in studying at NCFU for quite a long time. Requests are received now, at the end of the campaign, and, of course, we are orienting applicants and recruiters for next year," said Dmitri Nersesyan, CEO of the Education Export Center.

After signing the agreement, Dmitri noted that the flexibility and efficiency of the University's International Department made a great contribution to the successful recruitment of students. According to the CEO of the Education Export Center, the ability to quickly respond to student requests, process leads and conduct a continuous dialogue with representatives of recruiting companies from around the world are one of the key points of the recruitment process that directly affect the result.

"During this admission campaign, in the difficult conditions of the pandemic, we tested a lot of recruitment tools, old and new, identified a number of problems at different stages of the workflow, and actively worked on these problems. I think we have achieved good results that allow us to look forward to the future with optimism and be confident that we will be able to intensively increase the number of international students in the coming season. It should be noted that the decision of the NCFU management to implement a number of programs in English contributes to the promotion of the university in the global education market," Dmitri Nersesyan commented.

On the part of the North Caucasus Federal University, the agreement was signed by the Vice-Rector for Strategic Development Nikita Avralev.

"This year we have tested our relations in practice and are convinced of the reliability of working with the Education Export Center. No doubt that we should actively develop cooperation, increasing the pace and indicators of recruitment, continuously improving business processes and work with applicants on the ground. A network of recruiting companies that have passed the necessary certification stages to work in the Russian market plays an important role, and our partners have done useful work here," Nikita Vladimirovich told the editorial board.
    Директор Центра экспорта образования Дмитрий Нерсесян и проректор СКФУ по стратегическому развитию Никита Авралев на церемонии подписания соглашения

    North Caucasus Federal University is a federal university inStavropol, established in 2012 on the basis of the North Caucasus State Technical University by joining Stavropol State University and Pyatigorsk State University of Humanities and Technology.

    NCFU is a unique scientific and educational center for training competitive personnel, distinguished by a high overall personal culture and creative thinking, the ability to continuously grow. The University provides ample opportunities for intellectual, spiritual, moral, and professional development and lays the foundations for successful activity in a rapidly changing world.

    NCFU's mission is to provide unique opportunities in the educational, scientific and cultural spheres, to form future leaders capable of making a positive contribution to the development of the country and the world.

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