Day of Culture and Cuisine of Sri Lanka was held in Moscow
On December 15, the Day of Culture and Cuisine of Sri Lanka was held at the Moscow State University of Food Production with the support of the Education Export Center and the international recruiting company MAS.

The event allowed Sri Lankan students to present the cultural and gastronomic traditions of their country to the Russian public.
"Despite the fact that the coronavirus pandemic still leaves an imprint on the events arrangement both in the Russian capital and in the world as a whole, we strive to ensure that cultural exchange between peoples does not stop. Such events, which are held, of course, in compliance with all antiviral measures, strengthen ties between students, give them an opportunity to clearly understand each other, outline national peculiarities, immerse themselves and learn the culture of the countries of the world. We at the Education Export Center consider this extremely important," said Dmitri Nersesyan.

Preparation began early in the morning, and by afternoon everyone could taste traditional Sri-Lankan dishes and listen to national songs.