The Education Export Center establishes international cooperation in the field of IT innovations
Together with the University 2035 of the Russian National Technology Initiative, the Center organized an information session dedicated to cooperation in the field of IT innovations. The event was held online. The representatives of Russian high-tech companies, as well as the representatives of governmental, professional and academic IT communities of the Republic of Sri Lanka took part in the event.
During the session, the best Russian developments in the digital technology segment were presented.
Representatives of leading Russian high-tech companies spoke about new business models, platforms and products in the fields of digitalization, artificial intelligence, space technologies and blockchain.

The participants of the session exchanged questions and got acquainted with the prospects of cooperation. University 2035 will provide Sri Lankan academic and professional communities with the opportunity to undertake the most modern training on artificial intelligence technologies.

Participants of the webinar from the Russian side:
  • Nadezhda Surova — Head of the NTI project "Artificial Intelligence", member of the State Duma Expert Council on Digital Economy;
  • Andrey Gantimurov — Chief Technology Officer of Baum-Inform organization, Bauman Moscow State Technical University;
  • Valentin Uvarov — Director of Climate System LLC;
  • Andrey Sholokhov — Deputy General Director of Softline Group for work with national projects;
  • Elena Natarova — Head of the Marketing Department of Terra Tech OJSC, Roscosmos State Corporation;
  • Denis Reimer — Vice President of ER-TELECOM.

Participants from the Sri Lankan side:
  • Rashita Delapola — Director of Personnel Training (National Youth Council);
  • Pradeep Perera — Assistant Director for Special Programs (National Youth Council);
  • G. Jayanath — Assistant Director (National Youth Council);
  • H. Herat — Training Manager (National Youth Council);
  • Nivanta Kanuvana — Administrative Director (Ministry of Youth and Sports);
  • Vikramarachchi - Lecturer (Sri-Lankan Medical University);
  • Sanjeva Perera — Assistant Director of the Information Technology Training Department;
  • Anuradha Udunuvara —International Leader (Sri Lanka Telecom PLC)
  • Sam Vijetunga — Cybersecurity, MAS;
  • Gisara Prathap — an AI field student at Innopolis University.