The city where the student lives
Changes in the educational and enlightenment spheres of Russian society have also affected many other aspects of our social life. Education has gone beyond academic buildings and is becoming part of a living urban organism, the center of its development and communications. Due to this, the structure and the role of the university campus in the life of cities and universities themselves is being reconceived.

Blagoveshchensk is a city of student youth located on the border with China. In Blagoveshchensk, there are five higher educational institutions with different profiles, history and concept of development. And the campuses of all universities are different – some are located in beautiful historical buildings in the heart of the city, some are dispersed in different corners and woven into the fabric of the urban environment, and some are free-standing ones with modern architecture.

A distinctive feature of the AmSU campus is its unique location in Blagoveshchensk. It is located inside a residential quarter, in a spacious fenced area, which creates a special environment not only for those who study and work here, but also for everyone living near the university. The cozy landscaped territory and sports facilities of AmSU are a place of rest for residents of the city, children, and for athletic and creative youth.
A university campus is a place where the main population traditionally consists of students. Most of the academic buildings are located here — there are nine of them; there are also four dormitories housing 1,195 people, socio-cultural and sports facilities that create a unified academic environment. The campus has public spaces for recreation and self-study. Cultural and sports events of regional and international level are held on the campus territory as well.

Like all Russian universities, Amur State University is actively involved in the process of improving the infrastructure environment and developing its campus. The concept of the renovated campus assumes that AmSU, while remaining a platform for the transmission of scientific knowledge, will become a center of creative industries technologies, reflecting the cultural identity and life values of the Amur Region as part of the Far East and Russia.

The main directions of the university's campus policy concern the development of the campus infrastructure and the implementation of the concept of architectural and planning solutions that fit seamlessly into the appearance of the city.

The university plans to launch an academic buildings renovation program by 2030. Modernization of the entrance group and the central square of the university is provided. The plans for the period until 2030 include the construction of a new student dormitory for 500 places, reconstruction and repair of existing buildings and structures – installation of ventilated facades, insulation and glazing of loggias of residential buildings, interior work in the classroom and housing stock, branding of spaces, arrangement of parking lots for motor transport, landscaping, additional lighting and landscaping of the territory.

By this time, it is planned to open a Resource Center on the campus, combining the Scientific and Educational Center of AmSU, scientific laboratories and a museum complex.

The resource center will include a coworking center for joint project work of students, researchers and partners of the university. We will also arrange the Museum of Entertaining Science for children, as well as new exhibition spaces on the AmSU territory.

One of the priority directions of the university area improvement is the creation of opportunities for sports and recreational activities. Now the campus has a sports and recreation complex, and a swimming pool. The construction of the indoor ice arena "Gagarin" is underway.
Amur State University
It is planned to build an open multi-purpose stadium by 2026. It will have a playing field, running tracks, a training ground and a 100-seat grandstand for spectators. And by 2030, the AmurUniversity, together with the Far Eastern Center of Physiology and Pathology of Respiration under the Russian Academy of Sciences, plans to open a wellness and recreational health center.

Spaces for students' and teachers' leisure and recreation, an area for communication and emotional relief will be created on the campus – we're planning to build an amphitheater. The University will continue working on creating a friendly and comfortable environment for people with disabilities.

Our foreign students, of whom there are more than 500 people in 2022, are part of a large student family, but living far away from their native country, language, culture and cuisine brings its own peculiarities to their life on campus. And to this category of our residents, we offer a dormitory with information signs in English and Chinese and serve national dishes in the cafes and refectories of the university.
Amur State University Sports complex
In modern conditions, environmental safety issues are becoming more urgent than ever. Of course, living in a city located on the border with another state, strengthening Russian-Chinese relations and the interest of foreign tourists in the Far East – all this has brought up several generations of residents who greet guests with a wide smile and a desire to be hospitable hosts. A large number of young people, including the ones from abroad, studying at our five universities, made the city image multinational and safe for foreign students. Nevertheless, the planned modernization of the safeguarding system, information security, video surveillance and alarm systems will contribute to maintaining the necessary level of security.
University campus. Dormitories
The project of reconstruction of the gate and entrance to the main building
University cafe "Copernicus"
Currently, the university is developing a technical specification for an international competition for the best concept of architectural design solutions for the AmSU campus, which will be announced in 2023. We expect the future project to become the embodiment of the dream of a modern and comfortable university campus.

The renovated university campus will become a new point of attraction for our youth and an opportunity for self-realization. The youth and international spirit of the city is changing the lives of both students and adult generations.
Dorm room
Reconstruction of the entrance group of the main building of the University
Natalia Royba,

Head of the International Office; Candidate of Sciences in Philology, Associate Professor, Department of Translation and Intercultural Communication, Amur State University Royba Natalia has been employed at the Amur State University since 1997. In 2005 graduated from the PhD program in German languages at the Far Eastern National University. She has been heading the International Office of the Amur State University since 2015. Her research and professional interests include political discourse language, culture and cognition, and Sino-Russian relations.