New campuses will be built in Tatarstan
University campuses have been widely known since the XVIII century.

World top university campuses are subjected to a thorough comprehensive analysis on many aspects, from location and architectural composition, to sociological research on the peculiarities of the impact of campus life on students development, the formation of their circle of interests and even success in work. Based on the results of these analyses, we can find out what requirements a campus that promotes the activity of students, teachers and researchers should meet. The creation of attractive campuses stimulates successful learning, integration into the cultural environment and economic development, forming new growth points around the campus.

In Russia, great attention is paid to the construction of progressive campuses. In 2021, the rating of Russian regions in science and technology was headed by Moscow, St. Petersburg and Tatarstan. Several projects related to the creation of new campuses are being implemented in the Republic of Tatarstan. The creation of an interuniversity campus in Kazan, the heart of the Republic of Tatarstan, is currently under discussion. There are also plans to build a scientific and educational campus in Nizhnekamsk with the aid of the SIBUR holding. The campus in the oil capital of the region, Almetyevsk, is almost ready. Tatneft company, whose headquarters are located in Almetyevsk, helps to build the campus. The basis for the creation of the campus is the Almetyevsk State Petroleum Institute (ASOI), which has been training personnel for the oil industry of the region and the Russian Federation for decades. The key importance of Almetyevsk for the development of the Republic determines the task of retaining talented youth and providing infrastructure with the best conditions for work, study, and development.

The solution of these tasks not only in Tatarstan, but also on the scale of the entire Russian Federation will be possible thanks to the formation of developed infrastructure of modern campuses. A new modern campus in Almetyevsk, according to the plan, should include everything necessary for comfortable living, training and scientific activity: an academic building, a laboratory and research building, dormitories, a cultural center, a sports center, underground parking, a park area and a residential quarter.


The ambitious project of the campus was presented by the architectural bureau of Dashinima Namdakov and Ildar Giniyatov, PARSEC. Now the architects from this studio manage its implementation. According to the architects› idea, the educational and laboratory buildings combine scientific, educational and administrative activities of the Institute and become the central objects of the ecosystem of the future Higher School of Oil. The flexible planning structure of buildings unites classrooms, scientific laboratories and workrooms into clusters, which facilitates interaction between specialists from different fields.

One of the tasks in creating the interiors and exteriors of the campus was, as the authors of the project note, "to weave the science and spirit of the higher school of oil into the design code of the space itself, comprehending the project not only function-wise, but also in terms of aesthetics and idea — so that the various details of the space could be perceived exclusively decorative, but each contained a deeper meaning." The combination of aesthetic and educational functions will be traced in all the details of the interior — from flooring to landscaping, furniture and art objects.

Residential complex

The first new dormitories became the home for 720 students of ASOI. In addition to living rooms, dormitories include multifunctional spaces for events, coworking spaces for self-study, ironing and laundry rooms, as well as a small cafe with 50 seats. For the second year, the freshmen of ASOI are housed in cozy rooms equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable life, and they all highly appreciate the level of our dormitories.

The standard unit consists of two rooms, a small kitchen and a bathroom. This organization of space meets all the needs of students. The emphasis in the projects of the new dormitories was on its functionality, convenience and modern functional design. The implementation of this project has exceeded all expectations: these are comfortable well-lit rooms made in a trendy gray color pattern — it is not surprising that our students always talk with delight about their living conditions.

Scientific complex

The second facility, the laboratory and research building, has recently been commissioned. Its main feature is the placement of equipment according to the principle of "joined by function but not by discipline", which avoids duplication of equipment in various laboratories and ensures rapid transfer of knowledge. Laboratory complexes are located close to the study areas, vertically, in a separate unit, to reduce the length of communication chain. Educational and scientific laboratories are located on different floors to solve the problem of separating user flows. This necessity was dictated by the proximity of the educational and scientific laboratories of ASOI with the laboratories of the Tatar Oil Research and Design Institute (TatNIPIneft) of the Tatneft company. TatNIPIneft is a key research division of Tatneft. Before the construction of the campus it was located in the neighboring town of Bugulma. In the future, the laboratory and research building will be connected to the academic building by a skyway, which will help getting from one building to another, while maintaining the autonomy of the buildings.
Educational complex

The academic building is currently under construction, it is planned to finish it by the end of 2023. It will combine the functions of two structures in one building: research and educational. Due to this, students receive information and inspiration from the scientific department, and science, in turn, gets new personnel. This building can rightfully be considered the architectural dominant of the campus, its species magnet. Inside the building, in addition to the traditional laboratories and classrooms for universities, it is planned to place an atrium with an amphitheater, a library, a dining room, an area for independent work and consulting booths. The design of the educational campus is distinguished by thoughtfulness and functionality, which are combined with an aesthetic interior. Landscaping and art objects located inside the atrium are designed to immerse students and university staff in the inspiring atmosphere of scientific life in the city. Architectural and planning solutions of the building will ensure a comfortable and safe stay of people (including people with disabilities) on its territory.
Cultural complex

Along with solving immediate tasks, such as improving the quality of services provided by the university, non-obvious tasks were also highlighted. These are integrating the campus into the urban environment, and turning the university into a cultural center and a center of attraction for the youth of the city. Due to this, the decision was made to build a modern cultural center with a concert hall and an exhibition space. The residents of the Higher School of Oil will be able to interact with the citizens on the territory of the cultural center. Its exposition and event space will be used as a place for showing current scientific and creative practices to residents of Almetyevsk. These are still just plans, but we can already see how much the citizens like the campus area.

A step into the future

You can see from the presented photos that the campus is not yet complete, but it is already an important factor in the implementation of the university›s marketing strategy. For example, in 2022, with the growth of ASOI applicants› GPA, only 10% of them were from Almetyevsk. A modern campus requires modern forms of attracting applicants and demonstrates the important role of marketing in the formation of a successful society of young people not only from the city where the campus is located, but also from all over Russia and neighboring countries.

By initiating the process of transforming ASOI into Higher School of Oil with the construction of a new campus, Tatneft is shaping the future in which the campus will become one of the symbols of the oil and gas industry in Tatarstan. The new campus is not just new buildings that have appeared in the same area next to each other, to where the meanings and forms of education will be transferred in their original form. For us, the construction of the new campus was the starting point in the rebranding, which entailed a rethinking of the mission and values of the university. Taking into account the reorientation for the future, technology and innovation, new positioning profiles that reflect the meanings of the university have been developed.

The ambitious project of the campus challenges us to maintain the planned path of development, and we are happy to welcome those who are ready to take a step into the future with us!
Alyona Shumetova .
Head of center for international activity and media at Almetyevsk State Oil Institute
Expert at Univermark.ru
Alyona is a linguist by training, she did internships in Germany, worked as a marketing manager in e‑commerce projects, as well as a PM at international projects. Since 2020, Alena has been leading the activities of the university in two areas — international development and brand positioning. Expert in advertising, brand visualization and university promotion.