Russian academy of national economy and public administration campus
How is the first impression formed? A book is judged by its cover, a person is judged by their clothes, and a university is, of course, judged by the campus. "What does the campus have?" is probably the second most popular question from applicants, coming right after the question about the programs that you can enroll in. This is understandable: being a student is a wonderful time, so it is quite natural that students want not only to have fun, but also to study in the most comfortable atmosphere.

What does a classical university campus usually include?
  • academic buildings, laboratories, etc.;
  • dormitories;
  • libraries;
  • sports facility;
  • recreational area;
  • cafes and dining rooms.

Such conditions on campus allow a student to live and study in a pleasant "The city within the city" environment and, if desired, not to leave the campus for several weeks or even months, because everything necessary is already available on its territory.

In Russia, more and more universities are building their own modern campuses, and we are glad that RANEPA is one of these universities. We would like to tell you about our central campus and, perhaps, show off a little at the same time.
The capital complex of the Academy is located in several districts of Moscow. The total area of the campus is more than a million square meters.

The central campus of the Presidential Academy is located in the southwest of the city; 9 academic and administrative buildings are located on its territory and several more are being built, including the legendary "Blue Tooth", aka Zenit IFC, the reconstruction of which can be compared with a full-scale construction site. It is expected that the reconstructed building will house lecture halls of the Academy, classes for seminars, a conference hall, multifunctional open spaces, a sports and physical education complex. In addition, the building will house a hotel for students, and several food outlets and an underground parking will be opened soon.
The buildings that are already in use among students and employees of the Academy meet all modern standards: spacious bright classrooms with large windows, new furniture, modern appliances, canteens, cafes and buffets for every taste and budget, fast Wi-Fi. There are coffee points scattered around the campus. We are afraid to even imagine how many liters of coffee we drink there every day! In the buildings, for the convenience of their inhabitants, there are several copy centers, book and souvenir shops, ATMs, vending machines for charging mobile devices and parking. Students live in a hostel or an inexpensive student hotel, and the guests of the Academy can live in a comfortable hotel on the campus.
The main academic buildings of the Academy and the social infrastructure of all its territories are adapted for students with disabilities. All buildings are equipped with ramps and elevators for helping people with disabilities in wheelchairs move around the campus.
For those who want to grind away at their studies in their free time, there is a wonderful library that provides access to more than 1 million paper books and tens of millions of electronic documents, as well as to the fund of rare books dating back to the XVIII century. If a student is into sports, they also have a place to work out and show their skills: there are game halls, gyms and fitness halls, a martial arts hall, a climbing wall, a swimming pool, outdoor areas for playing football, basketball and hockey on campus.
The campus also has a medical center that serves both students and staff of the Academy. It is worth saying that we are very proud of our medical center: p olite s taff, highly qualified doctors, modern equipment for physiotherapy and various studies, SMS notifications about appointments for those who can forget about them — basically, the Academy's medical center is in no way inferior to private high-class clinics in the capital.
Is the student bored in class and eager to get some practical skills? Welcome to our driving school! Experienced instructors will teach everyone who wants to drive a motorcycle or car. No antediluvian "buckets with nuts" — students train only on modern vehicles, as well as with the help of a multimedia auto trainer.

I should also mention the new academic building of the Lyceum of the Presidential Academy, which is located very close to the main campus. The five-storey building with an area of about 11 thousand square meters has everything you need to study in a comfortable environment: classrooms, library, recreation areas, laboratories, sports hall, dance hall, assembly and exhibition halls, dining room, medical center, stadium, administrative and utility rooms. All classrooms are equipped with laboratory and demonstration equipment, educational models, visual aids, projectors.

With the increase in the number of students, the Academy increases and improves its campuses — not only in Moscow, but in other cities where its branches operate (just think about the campus of the Altai branch!). Following the best world practices, modern design and increased comfort are our priorities. Everything for the convenience of our students and staff!
Larisa Taradina is the Director for International Education Development and Cooperation of Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration. She has been working in the field of international education for more than 15 years. Among other institutions, her experience includes working in National Research University Higher School of Economics and the Russian Academic Excellence Project. She is the author of professional development programs for employees of international offices; these programs were implemented under the agenda of the Academic Excellence Project. Larisa Taradina conducts researches in the field of internationalization of higher education and is the chief editor of Telegram channel @eduviewrus dedicated to international education relevant issues.