How russ students help foreigners get accustomed to the new culture
Khojiakbar Muminov

Speaking about the International Student Club, I can say that this organization unites all students who came to get an education in Russia. Some of them may not even realize yet that this may be their best years, since this is the time when they gain knowledge, meet new people and learn a lot about another country. Of course, it will be difficult for them to adapt and study language or simple rules, but everyone in this organization will be eager to help them with any issue; and, of course, we will always help if they want to study languages, culture, sports, politics and much more.
I would like to stress that, during the training period, it is important to get a good legal advice on every complex process like obtaining a visa or registration or any other issue. We will be happy to help you and explain all this in your native language, since there are a lot of students in the ISC who, just like you, came from other countries to get an education in the Russian Federation and they were once in the same shoes.
Functions of the International Student Club:
  1. Contacts and meetings: Thanks to our active work with embassies, we have previously arranged meetings with ambassadors and some other universities. Now we believe it's time to arrange a meeting with the ambassadors at the RUSS so that they could explain their work to our future diplomats and political scientists and tell what kind of relations their country has with Russia and how we, foreign students, can help strengthen them.
  2. Elimination of confusion: based on personal experience, we are sure that new students will get confused, because we come from different countries and cultures which sometimes can make it difficult for us to understand everything by ourselves. Studies have shown that, for 92% of foreign students, the main problem is to find out how everything works in another country. Therefore, we will help to reduce this to an absolute minimum by sharing our solutions to problems.
  3. Accommodation: We offer free guided tours to show our facilities and dormitories to newcomers, as well as explain how to get to each of them by public transport.
  4. Explanation of the system and rules of our university, such as: • SDO and how it works; • What they can and cannot do in our university and dormitory; • How we get grades and what the preparatory year is.
  5. Adaptation: we will help foreigners adapt faster by introducing them to famous places such as Red Square, VDNKh Park, Gorky Park, and other famous sights of Moscow, and by keeping in touch with them until they feel at home.
  6. Overcoming the language barrier: Russian language is very beautiful and interesting, but at the same time it is really, really difficult to learn. Unfortunately, the international office and some professors don't seem to understand the struggle of having a thought and not being able to explain it. We're international students and activists, but 8 months of Russian Grammar cannot teach us in full to communicate and understand lectures in Russian, so we are going to help foreigners by showing them ways to expand their vocabulary and do them favors in translating and interpreting with the aid of our amazing team that speaks Russian, English, Arabic, French, Spanish, Lao, Uzbek, and many other languages.
Gayane Akopyan

As for me, every student should live his best life during his student year despite his/her nationality and citizenship. Working in the admission committee I understood that there are many foreign students who doesn't know how to settle into student life and worry about this and other borders with what they will face. Of course, every University has special structures for adapting foreign students but the most important role plays local students themselves. Because of this, I decided to recreate the International community which is made up of different fraternities.
The Interclub has 12 student fraternities each of them traditionally represents some geographical reign of Russia or other country. One of the Interclub's aims is creating all conditions to keep up all of them and help to self-realization in the various spheres. We arrange various events in sport, science, entertainment spheres for this aim. I believe that the current youngest generation can create a new progressive peaceful world.
Today we clearly understand that change is inevitable and we need to start from ourselves!
Khojiakbar Muminov
A third-year student of the major "International relations and public diplomacy". One of the co-founders of the International Student Club of RUSS, the Union of Foreign Students at RUSS.
Gayane Akopyan
The third-year student of the area of Foreign Regional Studies. Creator of the Interclub in Russian State University of Social Studies.